Hello, Fellow Humans!
My name is Rodion TR and I am reaching out to the network of Frantic Gallery and others I met along the path. It seems we all are going through "The Reset Period" but for me it was strikingly transformative: I dived into Yoga, just came back from my 4th Vipassana Meditation 10-day course, and have unlocked creative powers dormant for a long time. I discovered the peculiar creatures living in me: Mark Birth is Ankoku Butoh dancer, Ikota Nagasaki is a Japanese photographer/cinematographer and Ariadna McCue is on her way, the first girl in our small ENTOMORODIA family who is going to allure you in the labyrinth of electronic sounds. (Well, if the purpose of life is to live fully, why not do it in different forms simultaneously, right?) 

It is a new chapter for art, no doubt. The gallery artists and I, we thought that "Frantic" doesn't represent us anymore, so we are moving to the next level. We want - now with more courage - to take you to The Cave genuine art leads us to. And at the same time move in the opposite direction and connect the Mystical Experience with the Digital Dimension. We'll be forming the umbilical cord between Ecstasy and Digit: from now on it will be called Gallery-Neo.tokyo

We decided to start with an online exhibition of Glitch Art: a form of creative activity that investigates the potential of the rupture in pixel flow we all are now wired to. Let's see what we can find in this hole inside World Wide Web.
Here is the video of the conversation I had with Mathieu St-Pierre, a Canadian artist based in Korea, in which we talk about Neo-Tokyo, glitch techniques, Ankoku Butoh, his 80k-member glitch artist collective, porno, folding screens and lacanian pot.

St-Pierre's "Something's Mind" Online Solo Show is now on with the selection of the glitches he has captured over the last 10 years using various evolving techniques. We have selected 20 non-figurative images that show the break in the system, which at the same time reveal the function and beauty of another order, beyond the control of human purposefulness.  

Something’s Mind
Beauty, Order and Truth in Malfunction.

Mathieu St-Pierre Glitch Art Online Solo Show
Here and Now

We are starting to make movies about the gallery artists, which will finally allow us to explain with more time and details the thinking behind each artistic path and work: something we didn't have a chance to do before in short-span attention hectic art fairs.
Here is the trailer for "Structure Overturn," a movie filmed in the studio of Cousteau Tazuke, where he explains the context of his works referring to Jomon period pots, the special position of Things in Japan, the origin of symbolization, the absence of a subject in Japanese language and peculiar topology of his works that overcome the boundary between carving and painting. 

We do have plans to have regular shows in physical space, although will have much more content related to it on the Internet from now on. On May 25th we open "Structure Overturn" Cousteau Tazuke Solo Show in Midori-so space in Omotesando, Tokyo with his new pieces. Cousteau made a substantial step forward by bringing his carved images in concave shapes thus emphasizing the paradox of inseparable front and back and inhaling the image of the onlooker on the surface of the work. 

"Structure Overturn"
Cousteau Tazuke
Solo Show

2021 May 25 (TUE) - May 30 (SUN) 10:00 - 20:00

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Aoyama 3-13 Commune 2nd Midori-so Gallery

Reception: May 28 (FRI), 17:00 - 20:00

I have arrived in the studio of Haruki Ogawa in the hope to get after some time to the private and mystical side of his paintings and in the first hour of our interview he took me into his traumas, the power of absence, Tao of Lao Tsu and Chuang Tsu and the slogan "self-expression is not expression at all". We have decided to make a series of dialogs without fixed end. We are planning to release Part 1 of Season 1 later this month, but for now here is the trailer of something that will help you to unsee so you can grasp what is real. 

That's it for now. I will come back to you later with more info on each show. Please, visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel and get updates each time we post a video.
It's coming. 

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