| "Feedback Loop Canvas" Zen Tainaka Solo Show
"Feedback Loop Canvas"
Zen Tainaka Solo Show
2015 OCT 16(FRI) - 18(SUN) | Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
Opening reception: 2015 OCT 16 (FRI), 18:00-20:00
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We are happy to present the long awaited “Feedback Loop Canvas”, the first solo show of Zen Tainaka in Frantic Gallery, which exposes the artist’s engagement in unconscious thinking while showing more than 20 paintings, installation and sculpture turning the gallery space in the logic grid with non-linear structures and inviting you to participate in the games of mind.
Using painterly means Tainaka creates parallel running chains of signifiers connecting them in the most unexpected and staggering way. The depicted motive runs into the one simply attached to the surface of the work following further along the lines of the possible interpretations back to the figurative expression or an abstract colorful stain that at particular moment might actually make sense. Like an audio feedback which occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input (microphone) and an audio output (loudspeaker) Tainaka’s works produce a lot of noise, but with this collapse and restructure of the painting context and presented discourses the meaningful discharge happens braking the banal perception of the theme.       
The wit of Tainaka doesn’t know genre requirements or stylistic rules. He is ready for everything – and so should you – while engaging in representation of the evil or good in a way of a dream, which is on the border line of a nightmare. His sarcasm has no limits and the surreal situations he creates permanently present to the viewer the void of nonsense or inescapable but exciting traps of logic.
Girl and Cactus, acrylic on wooden panel, 72.7×91cm, 2015
Hunt, acrylic, clay, plastic on wooden panel, 72.7×91cm, 2015
Birthday Party, acrylic, clay, plastic on wooden panel, 91x72.7x7, 2015
Frantic Gallery
Ikejiri Institute of Design 309,
2-4-5 Ikejiri, Setagaya,
Tokyo, Japan 154-0001

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